Social liability of the company

The company adheres to the valuations and concepts of the social liable business, whose basic objectives are care and assistance for potential vulnerable populations, development of the information-oriented society and education of future generations in all the company’s activities.

The corporate social liability of the Holding Company is based on the opinion that support of the social development together with development of the economic sector will enable the business to solve modern social-economic problems comprehensively.

The main purpose of the social liability program of Total Capital Kazakhstan is to develop the information-oriented society in Kazakhstan. It is implemented through special projects of IT-education of the Republic of Kazakhstan citizens of all ages and capabilities.

We carry out many events aimed at professional orientation of the youth and enable unemployed persons to obtain an additional professional qualification in domain of programming.

The company implements the projects for free training of programming for disadvantaged children, unemployed persons  and disabled people; thereby, we replenish the human capital of Kazakhstan with ambitious and development-interested specialists.

Environmental Liability

Environmental friendliness should be on the agenda of every organization engaged in the field of heavy and light industry. We can proudly say that Total Capital makes every possible effort to minimize its environmental impact. Our Company fully shares the principles of sustainable development and is aware of its high responsibility for the state of the environment in the country.

Environmental aspects are at the forefront when choosing partners and suppliers, developing and testing new products, and in the course of daily work of employees of the Holding's companies. We strive for achieving maximum environmental performance of all production processes, efficiently and cost-effectively using the natural resources.